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For a B.C. community to join the Youth Ambassador program, there must first be a committed Community Organizer to:

  • publicize the program in their community;
  • secure support from schools, program coordinators, and others who work with youth;
  • recruit and train Youth Ambassadors in Grades 10-12;
  • secure venues for Children Safe Harbour workshops;
  • assist Youth Ambassador teams in delivering Children Safe Harbour workshops to groups of children in Grades 4-6.

All Community Organizers formally commit to AMSSA that they will hold to key principles when implementing the program.

To support the efforts of our Community Organizers, AMSSA has developed a Community Organizer’s Manual with clear guidelines on successfully establishing the foundation for the Youth Ambassador program. Promotional materials such as fliers and cut-and-paste articles are provided to assist with networking and recruitment of Youth Ambassadors. Grant application templates are also offered to help secure further funding for local program activities.

Community Organizers and AMSSA appreciate youth input into the program’s curriculum development, training delivery, and related activities. This program has been developed so as to engage youth to become confident leaders, and to help them build on their knowledge of diversity through other community-based volunteer activities. To thank Youth Ambassadors for their creative energy and time, Community Organizers provide each youth with a t-shirt and a Chapters gift certificate.

The program is based on a set of curricula:
*The Youth Ambassador Train-the-Trainer Curriculum, which is facilitated in workshops by Community Organizers to train a team of Youth Ambassadors in Grades 10 -12.
*The Children’s Safe Harbour Curriculum, which is facilitated by the Youth Ambassadors themselves, in teams of 4-5, to train students in Grades 4 to 6.

Three Levels of Training

There are three levels of training required for the Youth Ambassador Program:

First Level
Community Organizers: Adult Mentors, Program Coordinators, Youth Workers, Community Partners.
Training Provided by AMSSA and key facilitators in centralized locations


Second Level
Youth Ambassadors: High School youth in Grades 10 to 12 (flexible)
Training provided by YA Community Organizers/Adult Mentors in various communities


Third Level
Diversity Stars: Children in Grades 4 to 6
Provided by 4-5 members of a Youth Ambassador team, supported by their Adult Mentor, in schools and community settings

The Youth Ambassador curricula includes a Handout for Parents and Other Caring Adults

Tips for Being a Safe Harbour

bulletRespectful treatment of all children and adults by all children and by all adults is key.

bulletRethink old sayings such as “Don’t be a tattle tale,” or “Sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you.” Some more helpful and more truthful sayings are, "Helping kids get along is what adults are for.” Or, “I’m always here to listen.” Or, Respect for all means standing up for all.”

bulletWhen a child comes to you for help for themselves or for another child it is important to listen attentively and respond to their needs.

Tips for How to Listen carefully
bulletPay attention to keeping your body language open.

bulletGive children time to express themselves fully.

bulletInstead of assuming what a child might want or need, ask.

Tips for How to Respond:
bulletRemember the rule of no shame and no blame. Instead of identifying the children as bullies, victims or bystanders, think of each label in the triangle as a tough position that anyone could find themselves in (please see the diagram below).

bulletRemember that your responsibility in being a Safe Harbour is to be a center of calm where everyone feels safe.

bulletYour role is to listen, help the children educate each other, and relax about their differences.

bulletRemember that the best ways for children to relax are to play together.

A circle of safety and respect:

Watch for Youth Ambassadors wearing T-shirts featuring our logo and tagline ‘Standing Up for Diversity’ in your community!

Please contact Lindsay Marsh at AMSSA at 604.718.2776 or youthamb@amssa.org